Monday, May 5, 2008

Why We Keep Fishing

This might sound a little bit weird and philosophical, but hey fishermen usually are a little bit "off" anyhow...

We fished the Yellowstone Tuesday and Sunday last week and got our asses handed to us both days. That's a nice way of putting what happened on Tuesday with wind in the 50mph range and almost dumping a boat. So one might think that we would have headed somewhere else for Sunday, but when you hear that the caddis are coming off on the Yellowstone, that's when I think of going and throwing streamers.

Unfortunately neither day ended up being overly productive, and although I caught fish on dries and a couple on streamers we never did get anything over 20 like we were shooting for.

Here's a pic of Rick holding a monster he caught on a dry after getting tired of throwing 6" long 3/0 double bunnies all day.

Once again, busted Rick.

Just so you don't think I only pick on Rick, he did manage a nice 18" brown on a streamer only 7 hours into the float!

That's what keeps you coming back though, as odd as it seems, the days that kick you in the nuts make you bound and determined to come back and really figure things out for the next run.

We'll be back at it on Wednesday this week, maybe go hit the Upper Madison or something, who knows, one thing's for sure, it won't stop me from throwing abnormally large streamers in the search for the one, at this point the mark is 29+ for the year, that's the make it or break it point for me... I've caught enough 24" fish in my life, I want a 10 pounder, I'm not greedy, ha ha...

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