Friday, April 25, 2008

A Swing and a Miss...

Nothin goin on, water temp 43 degrees, and it's nearly May...

This is the other part of streamer fishing, the long days throwing big junk on bigger rods and getting... nothing, or next to nothing. Like maybe a 14 or 15 inch Cuttbow on the Yellowstone?
We headed out and fished from Loch to Pine on the Yellowstone and were the only boat on the stretch for good reason, there aren't any fish! Well, that might be a stretch.

Rick, my friend who fished an 8 weight on Nelson's Spring Creek and vows that he only fishes streamer's got caught red handed with a 5 weight and small dries fishing to a pod of 8-12" rising trout and whitefish... Busted... That's Rick bow legged trying to quickly release an 8" rainbow he caught on a size 18 baetis, way to go. Good thing I had my camera in hand before he got rid of it.

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