Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Photo Contest Winners Announced!

So if you've been waiting for a fishing update, I bought a house in November, moved, and haven't had $#!+ for time to be out (I can't lie I've still been out but it's mostly been nymphing)... depressing, I know...

But you know what's not depressing? The Photo Contest Winners were announced on Dec 1 and there will be some happy particpants and some dissapointed ones, but I hope that everyone had a blast, we'll be running one again next year so don't you worry lots of time to get some shots going again, a few new categories and a ton more prizes for next year - this was my favorite overall shot, a good friend of ours Eric and his buddy Mike sent in this one, a classic and will surely be seen all around Troutfitters for years to come!

You Can Find the Contest Winners By Clicking Here

On that note, don't expect any streamer fishing around the Bozone for a month or so, it's deep freeze time, I'll bring you an egg and worm pattern I love rocking all winter long next time...

(and yes that's actually a fly in that guys mouth)

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