Sunday, December 7, 2008

This is What Happens When You Have a Baby and a Family...

You don't go fishing as much... I know, sort of depressing, but the rewards are well worth the sacrifices. But I did have a few opportunities to make it out this fall and honestly, besides a few lucky souls stumbling onto some giant fish, it was a pretty marginal fall fishing and weather wise.

But that's what happens when you have bright and sunny weather with lots of days that look more like August and less like October and November. As I've always said, the best streamer fishing weather is when it's cooler, dreary, drizzly, and overcast. Those days were few and far between this past year. So far this winter though the fishing has been good and the weather right now is just awesome for January (hope winter makes it back again though).

Did manage to make a few trips to some fun locations that I don't usually fish, those areas will remain nameless to protect the identities of the poor fish we roped! But here's a few glory shots from the river. As you can tell, I'm a big extended double bunny fan, I've fished hundreds of patterns over the years, but none of them are as consistent as two pieces of dead animal glued together...

This fall did give me the time to get all caught up on some tying, but hopefully I'll have more of a chance this spring to lose some more of these in the faces of some big brown trout like the one below.

Thursday nights at the shop always give me time to do some tying, just don't talk to anyone that's been at Suds Bugs & BS because they might rat me out for tying midges... (I know, sacrilege right) Most days this fall though turned out like the one below, in shorts loading up a boat with no fish to show for it.

In the next couple of weeks you'll have to stay tuned as I'm going to be organizing a little photo contest and a chance to win a Sage rod and Ross reel - details to come... The details will be posted first on the BLOG, so don't miss it.

Just a little hint if you want to start warming up the cameras, you're going to want to have a Troutfitters logo somewhere prominently in the photo (like this) for a chance to win the rod and reel...

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