Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My God Babies Are a Lot of Work...

I'm almost embarrassed that it's been this long since I've posted a blog entry. In fact they shouldn't let me call this a blog as infrequently as I've been able to post up on this. But fishing really has been turning the corner, and admittedly, summer isn't the best time for chucking 12" long abortions in the rivers. It's time for nymphing, dry fly fishing and hoppers...

But I'm an addict and so I've been getting my fair share in, I've just cut back the size and thrown it below an indicator - I know not streamer fishing really, but s&%* it's the closest thing I've come to catching anything on big bugs in a while.

Pitched streamers on the Jelly until my piecer of a line snapped, for the 10th time... Somebody needs to hog tie Jim Vincent and let him know that no self respecting streamer fishermen fishes less than 15LB test when throwing junk, and all of his lines seem to have a 12.5LB core and I break them right and left!!! And don't bother me with the "well use lighter tippet" BS, if you want to turn big fish, use big tippet, or forever be stuck with the one that got away stories.

Enjoy the photos, and hopefully I'll have a few more good ones here as I work on a divorce fishing too much and not spending enough time at home (haha just kidding Andrea!)


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