Monday, May 10, 2010

Hopper Infestation? Can't Wait...

So if you have been paying any attention to the odd and strange agricultural news in and around the west (of course you have right?) then you might have heard about the upcoming YEAR OF THE GRASSHOPPER for summer of 2010. But if you're like most casual anglers or normal human beings you might have missed this...
Wall Street Journal -
We didn't. We've already ordered flies accordingly, and now mother nature has blessed us with some more good snow pack which is going to be the other part of this 2 pronged equation. Water and grasshoppers.

If there is water in the rivers this summer (check), and the grasshopper plague comes true (check), then we are in for some hellaciously good grasshopper fishing on the Madison, Gallatin and Yellowstone Rivers and their tributaries. I personally have experienced 2 of the best hopper seasons the last 2 years since I was a kid.

So since I can't apply for "FISHING" insurance for when the water is low, then I won't feel too bad if we get a few grasshoppers on the rivers if you know what I mean!

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