Friday, April 16, 2010

Photo Contest 2010 Details

Well, tax day came and went and I spent it unsuccessfully on the Yellowstone - but what I missed in fish we made up for in weather - suntanning...

Official Photo Contest Rules are as follows below:

Photo Contest Details
Contest officially starts April 15th and Runs Through December 1st - Winners will be announced December 15th
7 Separate Categories
1. Best Trout Pose with Montana Troutfitters Logo Being Worn
a. Will Win Winston BIIX 9’ 6wt & Lamson Litespeed 2
2. Best Father/Daughter/Son or Mother/Daughter/Son Fishing Photo
a. Will Win Ross Journey Youth Fly Fishing Outfit & Troutfitters Kids Cap
3. Best Streamer In Mouth Shot with Montana Troutfitters Logo
a. Will Win 9’ 8wt Sage Xi3
4. Best Overall Artistic use of Montana Troutfitters Logo in Photo
a. Will Win Float Trip with Montana Troutfitters
5. Best Insect Photograph on a Troutfitters Logo
a. Will win 5 dozen assorted flies in a Troutfitters Fly Box
6. Best Non Trout Species With Troutfitters Logo in Photo
a. Will win Sage Bass Rod & Rio Carp Line
7. Best Remote Location Shot with Troutfitters Logo in Photo
a. Will win Troutfitters PBR Hoodie, Korkers Predator Boot With Kling On Sole & Troutfitters Low Life Hat & T-Shirt

Judging of contest will be done by Brian O’Keefe and Todd Moen of Catch Magazine

Troutfitters Employees, family members and Guide Staff are ineligible for the photo contest

All photos submitted will automatically become the property of Montana Troutfitters and may be used as such for any purposes Montana Troutfitters and the contests sponsors deem appropriate. Contestants submitting photos still maintain their own rights for their photo usage, however they will relinquish any pursuit of monetary gain for such photos from Montana Troutfitters or any of its affiliates or sponsors. By submitting photos to Montana Troutfitters contestant agrees to above terms.

Contestants may submit multiple photos for multiple categories and are eligible for all categories, however, individual photo’s will only be considered for one category. So when submitting specify which category you would like your photos to be considered for. For example, if you submit a photograph of a non trout species in a remote location with a logo being worn – you must specify whether you would like it to be considered for the Remote Location category or the Non Trout Species category.

Photos featuring a Non-Montana Troutfitters Logo will not under any circumstances be considered for the contest. Only photos submitted with a Montana Troutfitters logo will be entered into the contest.

All photos must be submitted in electronic format via email or burned onto a CD. All files must be submitted in .JPG format and shot in at least 4 Mega Pixels. All photos must be received by Dec 1st.

Any photos deemed to be altered to include Montana Troutfitters logo will be automatically disqualified for the contest. By submitting photos to Montana Troutfitters contestant agrees to all above terms.

Bottom line – have fun with the contest, get some Troutfitters logo gear and get out on the river and start shooting some great shots!

For the best in fishing photography from around the world check out Catch Magazine online at

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