Friday, March 19, 2010

Pike, the Other, Other, Other White Meat...

So sometimes in the springtime it's fun to go do something a little bit different. After a long winter of staring at indicators and stripping streamers tell your arm falls off and you begin to doze off with no action on the other end of the line, it's nice to go slay some big uglies. Normally that would entail some lake fishing along ice lines for trout - but early season when water temps warm up that can also spell time for some pike...

The only unfortunate part is that you have to drive a ways to get into any pike around the Bozeman area - head towards Missoula try the Clarks Fork, or head North and East towards central Montana and you'll have plenty of lakes and reservoirs ripe with 'em. The trick is a lot like trout and that is in order to get them excited the water temps have to be right. This isn't a secret to good fishermen - the magical number I've always found for fish getting aggressive on streamers is about 48-52 degrees and they begin to wake from their nymph eating slumber.

Pike are a little bit different critter because they don't sip midges, they don't forage for eggs and San Juan worms, and that's why I like them - because they are predators. Now, they don't fight for much, they do tear up flies, and they have a tendency to rip a leader apart now and then, that and they stink like $#!+ when they slime your clothing, but nothing beats swilling Old Milwaukee and slaying some pike!

As for patterns and presentation, think of what trout like, amplify it a little bit, and there you have it. I personally prefer white, yellow, chartreuse, black and red and beyond that good luck, I've not spent enough time chasing them to know any better!

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