Friday, February 26, 2010

Mr. Midge, You're an SOB

I have a pet peeve, small flies. I'm not a big fan by any stretch of the word "fan." I don't like using light tippet, I don't like hooks that bend out, I don't like flies I can't fit 2X through the eye, I don't like trying to hook fish on small flies, really I just plain don't like them. But if you're going to be a fisherman (or at least a half way decent one) you're going to have to use them sometimes, like the Wintertime... So this is my begrudging admission that although I hate them, I do recognize their usefulness and I do carry, tie and fish them when the conditions necessitate them.

Of all of the small insect immitations there is none that I despise more than a midge. They range in size from "got anything that small in your box?" to "that's ridiculous, put it away I'm not fishing with that" and everything in between (like 18's to 28's). Now if you're still reading this you might be thinking, why would you be ripping on something that trout like to eat?

To put it simply, because I'd rather catch them on something else! Now, I'm a good enough angler to realize that midges are trout food, that trout feed on them heavily, and that in some drainages at times of the year it's about all that they are feeding on. That doesn't mean that I sit around all year counting the days down till they are feeding on midges again (cough, cough, Landon, cough). But what is most frustrating about midges is that big fish will feed on such a small insect and in some larger river drainages you'll find such a mass of them that the fish seem to key in on them to the point where you can't even force feed them anything else.

So I'd like to say to all of the midges out there, you're a bunch of SOB's and I can't wait for the spring weather around the corner when I can put away my five weights and pick up the 8's and start hucking some junk. Come on Spring!!!

On a closing note I'd like to say that I've been known to enjoy a bit of dry fly fishing on midges, so before I get called a liar I just want to clear that up in case any photos come out...

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