Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For Every Nymph a Streamer

So we've been playing around at the vise when we haven't been out on the river and the first little dandy I've been screwing around with for the last couple of season's has been the Flash Bang Nymph - really as I said, this isn't a phenomenal discovery - it's a Lightning Bug on a curved hook with a peacock substitute and when I tie this for myself I add a soft hackle on it. Well hope you enjoy, but really hope you tie some up and put them in fishes craws...

The second pattern I've got for you is a little streamer here that isn't revolutionary, but is effective, does hold it's shape, and better yet uses a sweet material that we've been playing with - Body Fur. Easy to tie, easy to fish, easy to like. Get ya a few and hit the river is our suggestion.

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