Monday, February 1, 2010

The Eggs In "Steak and Eggs"

So for those of you who might not like egg patterns and worm patterns, avert your eyes... What you are about to witness is real, real friggin effective when it comes to catching fish. These soft eggs, gummy eggs, rubber eggs, whatever you want to call them, simply catch fish like nothing else. I've fished all of the egg patterns out there, McFlyfoam, Egg Yarn, Spawn Sacks, Glass Bead Eggs, Krystal Eggs, "The Bead" etc. If it's out there, I can almost guarantee you I've fished it. And the conclusion I've come to is that these work better than all of those. Why? Well you'll have to ask the trout, but my guess would be that they look like the real deal and what's seals it is the fact that when they put it in their mouth it doesnt' feel like a piece of hard plastic!

It's as easy as it looks, just don't expect that these are going to last for 40 fish like a snag rig, but hey, at about $3-4 a package for 20 of these, why the hell would you care?

Take a look below if you still don't believe me - in my hand (trout eggs) and in the fishes mouth (veiled egg cluster). Boom.

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