Friday, January 15, 2010

Streamer Redemption in January?

So I've been a sinner... I've been fishing eggs, worms, midges, small stoneflies, just about anything that I normally don't like to fish for most of the year (read nymphs and indicators). But my excuse has been "It's winter time and that's what fish are eating." Like all sinners I rationalize my actions with things that make me feel better about it, and they are reinforced with copious amounts of fish at a time of the year when your fishing time is short and fish aren't always plentiful. But deep in my soul I know that stuff isn't the same as fishing a big 'ol hunk of meat and it just doesn't square with me. My heart is with bunny fur and things that look like they're alive in the water.

Enter the spring creeks, my church and cleansing for my streamer fishing sins...

Now to most of you, that doesn't make any sense, you say to yourself, "Kris, what the hell would you be doing at a Spring Creek to cleanse yourself of your small nymph fishing fetish?" And you would have a valid point, I mean, these are the places you hear all the hoity toities rambling on about in books, about how you have to fish nothing but 7X and 8X tippets and flies that use nothing more than some belly button lint tied on a hook blah blah blah...

This is exactly why I go to these places to cleanse the conscience - because they offer the opportunity to buck the trend, do the exact opposite of what everyone says to do, and do it at the exactly wrong time of the year (dead in the middle of winter).
And the results couldn't be any better or more fun. Just try it some time, take along some stuff you wouldn't normally throw at a spring creek, shell out the $40, drag along a friend to take photos and to verify that it works, and then let 'em have it, give 'em hell and do it on size 0x tippet just to prove to yourself that fish are stupid animals of habit and have to eat and will eat no matter where they are.

Here's a good quote for you about the spring creeks from an anonymous friend "I mean these fish didn't go to the London School of Economics, they aren't intelligent, they are creatures of habit, they don't sip brandy and smoke cigars, so don't forget that when you go..." Amen.

Oh and stay tuned next week, I learned how to post videos to YouTube and I just got a new video camera for Christmas, I'm going to show you how to tie up one of my favorite streamers that works year round. And we've got a few little treats for you from the tying bench - check this stuff out Baitfish Emulator Flash, a must have for any serious streamer tier, brand new and in all of the good colors, come get ya some!

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