Monday, February 9, 2009

Photo Contest Update...

So, my buddy Todd Moen over at Catch Magazine - which by the way you gotta check out their webzine, this thing is tits - @ (or click on the pic) is going to be doing the judging of the photo contest along with a certain guy who you wouldn't know - Brian O'Keefe. Ha ha, if that name doesn't ring a bell and you fish, then you've probably not picked up a magazine in the last 10 years or so, hell of a photographer.

What better two guys to be going over your pics? There isn't.

So the contest won't officially be opening up till April 1 when we will announce the complete guidelines for the contest entries, like I said before, there is one thing I'm sure of at this point, you will need to have a Troutfitters logo in the photo, and it should have a fishing theme, no pics at the top of Mount Everest here, but one peacock bass fishing or whatever is cool.

There will be several categories you will be able to enter pics into, with a grand prize winner for overall best use of the Troutfitters logo in a fishing photo - the minutia of details will follow in another month or so - stay tuned as I'll be dropping hints in newsletters and of course on here. And check out Catch, great, great pub.

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